Carpet Cleaning Services In London

We from DustBox Cleaning are professional sanitation specialists and we know how laborious and demanding cleaning a carpet can be. This is why you shouldn’t handle your rug sanitation on your own but instead give us a call and benefit from our high quality carpet cleaning services in London. We have been in business for a very long time and we know the sanitation industry like the back of our hands. It is because of our immense expertise that we have never failed to meet the demands of our clients and match their criteria for professionalism, punctuality and precision.

Let us rejuvenate your carpets and rugs

We have invested into the best steam cleaning machines and rug washers because we believe that a company is only as good as its instruments. Our tools allow us to promptly and meticulously sanitise even the most stained and tarnished carpets. The cleaning solutions that we use are non-toxic and non-chemical, and more importantly are personally tested by us. We work with green products because:

  • They are highly effective against all stains, spots and spillages
  • They cannot cause discolouration and fading
  • They don’t leave behind harmful particles
  • They allow us to clean both natural and synthetic rugs
  • They are as good if not better than their commercial counterparts

Our London carpet cleaning services are comprehensive and will certainly cover all your needs. You can easily book them by telephone, e-mail, chat or online form.

Fully insured rug cleaning services in London

As diligent and proficient contractors we have fully insured our rug sanitation options in London. This way our clients can have the peace of mind that they will get adequately reimbursed in the case of an unwanted event. You should take notice that to date we have never had an accident of any kind due to the fact that we work with utter focus and attention to details. After all it is not a coincidence that we are reputed to provide the most reliable carpet cleaning services in London.
You can learn more about us from DustBox Cleaning and our London rug sanitation options by exploring our website in full or contacting our polite and knowledgeable client advisors.

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