Client Reviews

This is what some of our clients had to share with us:


ThomasI had to organise by upcoming relocation and I didn’t have enough time to carry out by end of tenancy cleaning obligations. Fortunately, my neighbour referred me to your company. The cleaners came at the discussed time and sanitise then entire unit from top to bottom. All the dirt, dust and stains were gone. The price was as quoted. I will certainly recommend your services to all my friends and colleagues.

WilliamsSeveral months ago I dropped a wine bottle on a carpet and as you can guess it got heavily stained. I tried cleaning it on my own but the stains were too resilient. I knew about your sanitation services because my sister used them, so I decided to delegate the task to you and I am glad I did. Your team of cleaners was polite and took into consideration all my requests. By the end of the day my living room rug was stain-free.

DrakeI decided to host my upcoming birthday party at my house. I wanted my home to be spotless for the occasion which is why I contact your company. The consultants were very cooperative and answered to all my questions. The nest day, your cleaners came and brought with themselves a multitude of machines. The sight was overwhelming at first but several hours later I couldn’t recognised my own house. Everything when smooth and the price was reasonable. Will certain use again.

McNamaraI believe that a clean office is a productive work environment which is why I was looking to delegate the sanitation of my office to professional cleaners. Your firm was recommended to me by a former employee who I trust fully and I was not deceived. Booking your services was easy while your sanitation specialist are extremely accommodating and don’t mind working after hours. Your cleaning rates are fair and fit in full into my monthly budget.

RobertsonI forgot that I was baking a cake when my oven caught fire. I managed to extinguish the flames but my oven was heavily tarnished. I decided to clean it via your oven sanitation options and I am happy I did because I honestly thought that my oven was permanent ruined. Not only did you manage to remove all the soot and ashes from it but you also cleaned the racks, stoves and pans. Thank you for the complete assistance that you provided me.

Hal L.I have hired your company a couple of times already for different jobs. First I needed someone to clean the carpets in the living room after a really big party. The second time I was doing some renovations at home and there was quite a mess to clean up. Both time the service I received was punctual and covered my needs well. The prices you work on a good too, which I deem important.

Shauna W.We are running a small advertising agency and have been using DustBox Cleaning’s services to keep our office in a good shape. Up to date, we are yet to see something in the service to complain about. The office is always clean and tidy, and it is being made so after business hours, which is of course very important. I have already recommended your company’s services to several acquaintances of mine.

Trevor D. I have recently moved in a place that had a really beautiful carpet in the dining room. Unfortunately, there was also a nasty stain on it that would not come off no matter what I try. Your men came, looked at it and managed to remove it in a manner of minutes. I am not sure exactly how they did that, but I am certainly glad that I decided to hire your company. Will have you in mind for the future too.

Olga K.My husband and I have been doing our regular spring cleaning when we realised that we will not manage to finish everything over the weekend. A friend of mine has told me about your company and what a good job you do, which is why I decided to call you. Even though it was a last minute booking, and over the weekend for that matter, your men responded very quickly and helped us finish cleaning our home. It was a service of an exceptional quality indeed.

Dennis H.Neither my wife nor I are particularly fond of cleaning, especially with the office hours we are both pulling in the past couple of years. That is why every once in a while we call DustBox. We like how good of a job your men do, but also the fact that they are friendly and eager to accommodate all our requirements. We are keen on the prices you offer too.

Owen M.Great prices and very friendly staff. I liked how they came through quickly even though I called the team at the last possible second. So far, I have used the company’s gutter and carpet cleaning services on a number of occasions and I am always quite pleased with the final results. The staff seems to be adequately equipped and they also carry out thorough inspections and give you a few tips on how to maintain certain parts of your home well cleaned. I plan to stick to them in the future.

Kevin S.I contacted the company because I needed to have my cooker cleaned. The cleaners arrived on time and they carried all those cleaning supplies and tools with them. That made me feel sceptical at first because I genuinely believed that cleaning an oven required only time and patience and not many skills or special products. But I must say, I was pleasantly surprised when I saw how clean my cooker looked in the end. Many thanks!

Madison L.A flexible and understanding team of pros. I was forced to reschedule my appointment on the same day on which the cleaners had to arrive at my house. But the company’s consultants were very polite and understanding with me and they quickly gave me a new appointment on a day and hour chosen by me. As for the quality of the services – I can’t find any faults with it. I gave the cleaners a list of tasks and they carefully followed it. Well done!

Robert F.When I decided to put my house on the market, I was advised by a friend to use professional cleaning services to raise the value of the property. I choose to go with this company and I am happy with what it has done for me. Every inch of my home was meticulously sanitised with special machines. I don’t know whether the service has anything to do with it, but I did manage to get a great price for the property. Rates were affordable too. So, I do recommend it.

Paige W.I hired the company to help me clean up the house of my deceased mother-in-law. The property was neglected for years and the thought of tidying it all up by myself gave me nightmares. The team of cleaners was very polite and they did all the work. I honestly thought that they would need to spend at least a week cleaning this house to get it in a decent condition but they were ready in a matter of a day. Happy with both the results and the cost of the service.