Upholstery Cleaning In London

One of the best ways to breathe new life into your old furniture is by using reliable upholstery cleaning services in London. We, at DustBox Cleaning, are a fully insured, properly registered and incredibly experienced business that can provide you with time-efficient cleaning of upholstery in London. Our prices are surprisingly low but that does not mean that we sacrifice on quality. In fact, we are able to offer you nothing but the best.

Highly comprehensive upholstery cleaning service in London

Our skilled team is trained and qualified to clean a wide range of upholstery which includes not only natural upholstery fabrics like cotton, leather, velvet or wool but also synthetic fabrics like nylon, polyester, olefin and faux leather. We have equipped our diligent upholstery cleaning professionals with modern equipment thanks to which they can carry out both steam and dry cleaning jobs. Once our friendly staff arrives at your property, their first task would be to inspect the fabric and frame of your furniture. Upholstery CleaningThat will help them to select the ideal sanitisation method and products that will be used in the cleaning process. After that, your upholstery pieces will be meticulously vacuum cleaned and all stains and spots on their surfaces will be removed. Only then will the main cleaning process kick off. In the end, our competent and licensed upholstery cleaning experts in London will apply professional deodorant and protection products which will preserve the furniture’s freshly cleaned condition for a longer period of time and effectively increase its lifespan.

We rely on innovative equipment and products

DustBox Cleaning is a company that is ready to go the extra mile in order to provide its clients with excellent quality upholstery cleaning services in London. That is why we have the most modern cleaning tools and machines which money can buy today. Our reliable professionals have gone through a special training program and know how to properly work with all sorts of cleaning equipment. Even the supplies that we use are outstanding since they are great for homes with children and pets, as well as for people who suffer from a respiratory disease or an allergy. For a short amount of time, we are able to efficiently clean your upholstery from dirt, dust, allergens, pollens and etc. What is more, we will also eliminate any bad smell from your furniture. Contact us now if you want to get your personalised quote.

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